Prices and payment method:

All prices are wholesale prices, valid until further notice. Right to price changes is reserved.

All prices displayed in the webshop are without VAT (VAT 0%).

Packaging fees:

  • Comission fee of 10 € (VAT 0%) is added to shippings with netvalue (delivery value without VAT) less than 100 €.
  • Packing fee (VAT 0%) for long goods is 16,50 €/stack. Packing fee (VAT 0%) for non-standard pallet and
  • EUR 6/ISO0-pallet is 8,00 € per piece, for FIN/EUR-pallet 12,00 € and for pallet collar 15,00 €.
  • Fees for EURO-boxes, covers and collars out of cardboard are; 16,50/2,75/11,00 € per piece.
  • Deposit for sandwich element is 750,00 € per piece. Packing fee for sandwich element is 25,00 € (VAT 0%).
  • Deposit for aluminium profile transport cage is 250 € per piece.
  • Deposit is refunded when cage is returned. Customer is responsible for the costs of the return.
  • Product returns and return methods must be always negotiated with salesperson.

Order processing, delivery terms and delivery methods:

Our salespersons take into account any customer-specific prices and contacts customer for further delivery agreements if necessary. 

We deliver products according to agreed delivery method or by customer’s wishes.

Delivery fees are added to the invoice or sent with customer’s freight contract.

Return policy:

Our shop serves primarily to business customers. Contract is formed when the order registered in our system. The system sends order confirmation if valid email address was provided upon registration.

Complaint cases are always processed separately with a salesperson.

Delivery time and payment terms:

Delivery time depends from product availability. System provides information about product availability. Our salesperson processes the order and sends a confirmation to customer, which includes information about delivery time and payment term. The customer is obliged to inform if desired to deviate from the delivery date.

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